Telluride, Colorado

The Great Outdoor Adaptive Adventure Contest Update

Danielle Lancelot Watson's Story Wins Her A Custom Bike


The GoHawkeyeTV crew thinks you will agree that Danielle Watson's tale is a great subject for a motion picture and deserving of the prize, a custom made hand cycle. We received so many incredibly dramatic, inspiring, and moving stories but ultimately we can tell only one in our next short film.  GoHawkeye has partnered with ReactiveAdaptations to give away this off road bike, a Nuke recumbent cycle.

Check out this media coverage of Danielle to see her story. Learn more about Danielle on her website.


Danielle has chosen the Nuke off road hand cycle which is being custom built in Crested Butte, Colorado. The NUKE Off Road Recumbent hand cycle is a unique, capable, rear wheel drive recumbent hand cycle with rear suspension. The Nuke was developed for riders not able to or not interested in riding in the prone position (kneeling, face down). The recumbent position is preferred by some riders.

The Nuke rear suspension provides improved ride quality, downhill speed control and improved traction uphill. The 24” wheels provide increased ground clearance, improved traction, increased speed, and a smoother ride. The frame joints in the Nuke are reinforced for integrity and reliability out on the trail.


When GoHawkeye announced the winner online August 1 we received some great comments from Danielle's fan base. With such a great support base these comments confirmed we had made the right choice.


"Wow! Quite wonderful and well deserved, Danielle. Your journey is quite the inspiration to all who have had the good fortune to have known you. That your story will soon reach a broader public is beautiful indeed. Blessings from the ten directions!" - John Thomas Casey


"Danielle, I am so happy for you. This is well deserved and just one more tribute to your positivity. You ARE making a difference in this world and that will just continue. I love being around your positive energy. I know all your dreams will come to pass. Just wait and see!" - Jane Meyers Hiatt


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